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For professional trail runners
The Trail of your dreams
The Trail de La Rosière, is a trail running race organised in the picturesque Haute-Tarentaise valley, neighbouring the Mont Blanc. Runners have two different courses to choose from: 40km (3000D+) and 22km(1450D+). Wild valleys, balances in ridges, technical trails, demanding climbs, superb landscapes: everything is assembled to offer you the Trail of your dreams! But this is nothing for beginners. La Rosière offers you panoramas of dreams but also technical trails in 40 km! This trail will take you on a ridge overlooking the Petit Saint Bernard Pass, with Mont Blanc as a backdrop. Then in the valley of the Moulins torrent, you will discover after a demanding climb through the passage of the Louie Blanche, the valley and plateau of Ruitor! The Black Lake will be waiting for you behind a climb of 500m. The descent on the Retreat of Archeboc will test some of your reflexes and finally the forest trail in the valley of Mercuel will give you some extra energy to go downhill through the wild valley of the Piche to the chapel of Saint-Michel, which dominates the Haute-Tarentaise to end up a climb behind the Chatelard to the heart of the Rosière station. The prize at the end of the race is reaching the finish line and having the chance to run in such beautiful scenery taking your breath away.

We invited on the Trail de la Rosière 11 ambassadors recruited on facebook and our professional team which included, Fabien Antolinos, Aurélia Truel, Badia El Hairi, Stéphanie Duc, Emmanuel David and Sébastien Hours. It was a great opportunity for our ambassadors to watch the professionals in action and to face them on this race!
Their results were outstanding!
On the 22km :
Sébastien Hours (Team Terre de Running Mizuno) finish 3rd
Stéphanie Duc (Team Terre de Running Mizuno) finish 1st woman
Julien Goyer (Ambassador Mizuno) finish 13th
On the 40km :
Couchoud Fabrice (Ambassador Mizuno) finish 6th
Zalejski Nicolas (Ambassador Mizuno) finish 7th
Kerbouc'h Jocelyn (Ambassador Mizuno) finish 13th
Psica Karl (Ambassador Mizuno) finish 16th
Emmanuel David (Team Terre de Running Mizuno) finish 17th
Berruer Eric (Ambassador Mizuno) finish 18th
Stéphan Lemonsu (Ambassador Mizuno) finish 87th

Stéphan on the Trail de la Rosière: "Since this was my last official competition before the UTMB, it was out of the question to quit the race. A bad time, a disappointment yes but not I would not quit. I clenched my teeth for 40km and put one step in front of the other until the end. The mind play a big part in this sport. But no matter my time, I've finished! And then when you arrive at la Rosiere and your friends from Mizuno, Karl and Stephanie, come to pick you up to push you on the last kilometer, what can you say? That it was really worth the time to arrive there to live this beautiful moment of people sharing this experience. The sport and the trail have this magic that they transmit in a fraction of a second what you would have to put in years to receive elsewhere ".

Congratulations to our trail team! These are truly #neverstoppushing results for such an incredible race!
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