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Premium performance and superior comfort
Go the distance
The Wave Sky 2 is our most high-end running shoe. Constructed using the most innovative technologies, it offers best-in-class cushioning and comfort, so it’s perfect for runners looking for a high-performance shoe to give them the right support during the most testing challenges.

The new Wave Sky 2 sees the introduction of a brand new upper, engineered from mesh for increased breathability and a cool, comfortable ride. It also features the new AeroHug technology on the mesh base layer so it fits perfectly to your foot, particularly during the gait, whether you are mid-run or mid-warmup. Get a more secure fit for a more enjoyable run, with the Wave Sky 2.

The AeroHug technology located in the midfoot has a wraparound effect to secure the midfoot and arch for an even softer and more comfortable ride than before. It stretches as it holds, eliminating the space between foot and shoe throughout your run for a better midfoot hold. The Wave Sky 2 also features a two-layered midsole which, combined with Wave Technology, gives runners such an extreme level of cushioning and comfort, they feel the difference from the very first step.

The Wave Sky 2 continues our unique biomimicry design theme, again taking inspiration from a remarkable butterfly. This time, the Chestnut Tiger, known for its ability to fly great distances, it’s the perfect inspiration for the Wave Sky. The Chestnut Tiger wing pattern has been integrated into the design of the Wave Sky 2, and is particularly visible in the midfoot area and around the AeroHug mesh in the upper. It’s a beautifully technical design befitting of such a technically advanced running shoe.
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