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Convert every shot into a winner!
Higher. Quicker. More dynamic
The Wave Mirage 2.1 is designed to do what opponents can’t – keep up with your movements. The features built-in to this lightweight shoe make it perfect for quick and agile players, like wingers that need flexibility and stability for fast acceleration and sharp turns. Giving you the Power to Perform to show your best!

The new Wave Mirage 2.1 combines the best technologies in handball with a progressive look: Our designers used innovations that help this shoe fit so perfectly and aren’t just there for extreme comfort, but help you deliver an extreme performance:

From the complex outsole, up through every layer of the midsole, to the material used in the upper, every component has been carefully selected to make sure the Wave Mirage 2.1 helps to maximize your game.

Its sock-like fit moulds around your foot, so it feels secure, whilst extra stability is provided in the midfoot. This means every move you make on court is being supported by a shoe designed to enhance power and stamina.

The SR Touch and kick sensor help generate a powerful push-off for explosive acceleration, while the DynamotionFit bootie provides a comfortable, secure fit by locking down the feet in a safe position, even during more sudden changes of direction.

In the outsole, the D-Flex Groove works with the Dynamotion Groove for increased stability during quick lateral movements, and the lightweight PoWnCe midsole compound provides a high-energy return for lighter and less impactful jumps. The Wave Mirage 2.1 also features a fourlayer upper for comfort and breathability, and a PU foil for added protection and stability during quick movements under pressure.

Pure Power to Perform: All in all a shoe developed for you to jump higher, run quicker and be even more dynamic!
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