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Highlighting what already is extraordinary
Rebula V1 Japan and Morelia Neo II Japan
When developing a new boot, at Mizuno the focus lies on functionality, performance, technology and design. Put together with the best materials, the result are perfect boots. But the new colourway for Rebula VI and Morelia Neo II takes both to the next level: in ´yellow aurora` they are truly an eye catcher!

The Rebula VI is the shoe for the professional player, combining stability, ball sensing and control. This boot is perfect for the more aggressive, risk-taking player. And even it`s design demonstrates speed and progress.

With flexibility and a lightweight core, the Morelia Neo II, combines the characteristics, for the determined player, striving for his very best, is looking for. The Morelia enables you to reach your maximum speed, while giving a secure fit.

Both of these shoes are in the special “Made in Japan” version, in which handcraft and technology are connected. The Made in Japan range is Mizuno´s collection of premium football boots, focusing even more on the small details and luxurious finishes. Combined with the feel of premium K-leather, this synergy gives these boots the special custom made feeling.

To make this high-end product even more visible, they are now available in a new colourway: Yellow Aurora. This makes the shoes look even more powerful, exceptional and unique. Giving you the extra POWER TO PERFORM!
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