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The shoe for pivot and backcourt players
Your new secret weapon
The new Wave Stealth V is, quite simply, the most stable, most cushioned handball shoe Mizuno has ever made. Yet there’s nothing simple about its design. We see the constant physical battles faced by pivot and backcourt players, so we understand they need a shoe that offers superior stability and support, but one that’s also lightweight and provides supreme comfort.

Every component of the shoe has a purpose. Thanks to Mizuno’s Wave technology, it delivers excellent all-round stability and enhanced midfoot and lateral support. The outer heel counter provides hold and stability to maximize power transition, and dynamic cushioning helps the new Wave Stealth V fit better and, with its sleek silhouette, look better.

Despite these added improvements, we haven’t added to the weight of the shoe. In fact, we’ve made it lighter than ever; just 320g, to give you the Power to Perform!

The premium level of comfort, support and breathability delivered by the new Wave Stealth V is plain to see. The distinctive triangular pattern of the upper mesh is much more than a design feature; it’s multi-functional.

Being a single-layer open mesh, it makes the Wave Stealth V incredibly soft for a comfortable fit, as well as maintaining its low-weight credentials and providing great breathability. The multi-directional mesh has a triangular design for three good reasons: to give stability in every direction, to support the pivot movements of the player, and to provide strength to hold the upper tight around the foot during vertical movements.

The Wave Stealth V also features a PU foil, which adds stability to the textile to make sure the foot stays in place and avoid the ankle rolling over. A half bootie construction, with a synthetic tongue top, in the forefoot and midfoot to wrap around the player’s foot for further stability. Slip your foot inside and feel the softness, this is a shoe that’s hard to beat.
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