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Combining the best of volleyball and running
Light up the court.
The Wave Luminous is the first volleyball shoe to feature the DynamotionFit bootie, which provides a comfortable fitting and secure lockdown to prevent any foot movement inside the shoe. The midsole consists of a running-style compound, unique in the volleyball category, to guarantee extra cushioning on court.

Defensive players who spend the game protecting points need their own kind of protection, from the shock and impact that comes with this relentless, agile style of play. This is where the Wave Luminous really shines because it offers incredible stability for confidence on the court, and a supreme level of cushioning to absorb the pressure.

The new Wave Luminous delivers comfortable, shockabsorbing cushioning thanks to Mizuno’s Wave technology, which incorporates a softer running midsole compound. Meanwhile, the flexible Wave plate and EVA wedge in the rearfoot provide enhanced stability for a smooth roll-off from heel to toe. For comfort during the heat of the game, the new Wave Luminous has a lightweight, no-sew breathable mesh upper and an ultra-soft premium PU sockliner.

The upper may be supremely lightweight, but it still delivers stability thanks to an innovative use of synthetic layers for strength and support during vertical movement, all game long.
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