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Pursuing perfection
This is a story that dates back to 1997, when our footwear designers in Osaka created the first Wave Rider. This anatomically engineered shoe soon became an icon for runners all over the world, becoming a symbol for everyone who shares a passion for running. However, the pursuit for perfection is in Mizuno’s DNA. A mentality that has guided us across the decades, keeping us aware that there is always room for improvement, the potential for something even better than your best.

This is why our Research & Development Laboratory in Japan works tirelessly to improve even our most iconic shoe, season after season. This year, Mizuno will launch the Wave Rider 21. The newest model is still built around our iconic Mizuno Wave technology, delivering incredible stability and cushioning. Presented in a thoroughly modern design and new, highly engineered materials, the Wave Rider 21 maintains the same philosophy and goal as its predecessor in 1998: to perform as the best running shoe in the world and to give you the Power to Perform!
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