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When the city becomes our track
We run the night!
The Bilbao Night Marathon is a unique event. A night race hosted in one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. Three different categories (10, 21 and 42K) which gathered more than 11.000 runners from 49 different countries.
The stadium of San Mames, the home of the local football team Athletic Club, was the chosen scenary for the start of the three races. An amazing atmosphere, with fireworks and live music, launched an exciting journey through the main streets of Bilbao, all full of warm and motivating spectators.
To highlight the finishline, the Guggenheim Museum awaits all the athletes. The breathtaking monument received the race finishers to put the final touch to this magnificent event. Once again, Bilbao hosted the only road night race celebrated in Europe with great success. We are already looking forward to next year’s 10th anniversary! And Mizuno will be there to support all the runners to #neverstoppushing! Join us!
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