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Power to the max!
Wave Stealth 4
Are you looking for the right balance between comfort and stability? The Wave Stealth 4 is your ideal handball trainer!

“The physical one” Introducing the latest evolution of the Stealth. Strong and powerful – the Wave Stealth 4 is the ultimate physical
shoe. Engineered with the unique Dynamotion & DynamotionFit technology, the Stealth 4 gives you best-in-class flexibility and stability. Whilst the Wave technology gives you incredible support and unrivalled comfort. Delivering immediate power – for when you need it.

With specific mid-foot and lateral support cushioning players can keep their stability when faced with the pressure of any defender. Top level players can count on the optimal support and flexibility during any frequent change of direction. Overall, pivot and backcourt players need a strong shoe to concentrate on the fast-paced and aggressive game to be at top speed at every second.
Harald Reinkind (Rhein-Neckar Löwen, Norwegian handball player) agrees: “On court, there is no time to think but only to be at our best. The best shoe for me is the Wave Stealth 4 because I can rely on its powerful support!”

Power to the max with the Wave Stealth 4!
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