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The importance of family in a professional tennis player life
Tennis is in the DNA of the Baghdatis family
“Since I became a father I have more commitment” says Marcos when introducing us in his house in Paramytha. Since 2012, his life completely changed, becoming a father of two beautiful daughters: “It is not about you anymore, it is all about them”.

Every result, every victory is dedicated to the two girls and to his wife Karolina, former tennis player that reached the 17th position in the WTA circuit. “He likes to play tennis with his daughters, he likes to do everything that dads do.”

The sport is truly in the Dna of the Baghdatis family. Marcos brothers have been playing for several years for the Cyprus national team. His older brother Petros explains” He always knew what he wanted to do in life. One of the goals was to create a family and he did it.”

Tournament after tournament, it is not easy to create a family when being a professional tennis player and you are constantly travelling the world. Marcos family is ready to travel with him and to support him to give him the #powertoperform that makes the difference on court.
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