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Brining you culture, passion and Power to Perform
Improving to give you the best
Developing, researching, playing, running, breaking, building, failing, succeeding and winning! This is what we are proud of, this is what gives every single product a story and every shoe a special touch, this is the essence of our brand, this is what we want to deliver to you: Mizuno Craftmanship, Innovation and our Japanese Heritage.

The Mizuno Brand is 112 years old: In 1906 Rihachi Mizuno founded, together with his brother Rizo, the MIZUNO Brothers Ltd. in Osaka, Japan. Since this time there is a special connection between the Japanese metropole and our brand: Not only is our headquarter still based there, but we also kept the key aspects of Japanese culture in our hearts: working hard, living our passion for Mizuno and constantly seeking the next best improvement to give you the Power to Perform you earn.

Since then the founders themselves gave their everything to push to new limits, but also they motivated all their employees to always give a little more to reach for the best. But what really makes the difference is the careful, ardent eyes of our Craftsman: where the idea of designers, product teams and developers in the end is realized.

People touching, forming, sewing and testing every product - that is where life comes into our shoes, where the passion and rich history of Mizuno gets into what made us so successful and that is what we want to give to you: Passion, Joy and Power for Perform, so you can reach your goals!
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