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What is his goal at the EHF Championships?
A high preassure tournament
The EHF Championships are intense! For the majority of the games, our athletes rely on lateral movements, rapid acceleration, sudden stops, and quick changes of direction. That’s why, at Mizuno, we’ve studied handball in great detail, and applied what we’ve learnt into the details of our shoes, to make them perfect for this high-pressure sport and to give our athletes the Power to perform they need on court to win the match!

We interviewed Kent Robin Tønnesen, currently top scorer at the EHF Championships and wanted to find out what gives him the Power to Perform and how does he achieve his ultimate performance? "I Achieve my ultimate performance by always giving 100%, training hard is everything in this game and sticking together as a team!".
Teams train hard for these events, but what is the ultimate goal? Watch what Kent Robin Tønnesen wants to achieve for the EHF Championships!
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