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The essence of competition.
Marcos Baghdatis – Emotions, Training and Passion
“I am made for matches” is an attitude. The mentality that allows you to compete at the highest level.
The heat, the sweat, the audience: This is what Marcos Baghdatis loves about tennis and about big tournaments. And this is what gives him Power to Perform and the motivation to align his whole life for these special moments. A passion shared by his fans and, of course, his family.

Now, looking forward to the upcoming tournaments, we captured him and his family to explain the essence of Marcos` energy on court and of his #PowertoPerform.

Marcos Baghdatis is living for these moments, when everything comes together: the training on court, his mental strength and the passion of the fans. To him, this is much more than a sport, it is his life, where he can experience all the emotions and to show what he has been working on in the last weeks and months. Whether on court or in the gym, you can see what his heart is beating for. His wife Karolina and his brother Petros agree.

Experience what gives him Power to Perform for the upcoming tournaments here:
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