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From Pietermaritzburg to Durban
An experience worth every kilometer
One year up, the other year down! The Comrades Marathon leads from South African city Durban to Pietermaritzburg - or the other-way-round. The about 90km long ultra-marathon has the most participants worldwide and is almost like a tradition in this region: complete TV broadcasting, huge crowds of fans and breathtaking sceneries of South Africa gives every participant extra Power to Perform to reach beyond their limits!

It is Comrades Marathon day: Waking up in the middle of the night, having breakfast and then going to the start line. Already on the way there is a special mixture of tension, anticipation and motivation in the air. It is incredible to start when it still is dark outside, with 20.000 runners from pro-athletes to amateur runners, always in mind that 90km running will be brutal.

Nothing can describe what you experience in the next hours: cheering crowds, music groups, people dancing and highly motivated athletes! All of this completely swipes away every problem caused by blisters, sore muscles and pain, because this is just incredible: a running celebration!

Even if it sometimes gets hard, there immediately is something giving you new Power to Perform: whether these are the spectators, the music or an athlete with an extraordinary costume – the 90km never get boring.

One of the hightlights is at the complete end, crossing the finish line in the Moses Mabhida Stadium: clapping and shouting spectators celebrating every single athlete, who made it until Durban!

Get an impression of what makes the Comrades Marathon so special and how South Africa is celebrating the Power to Perform of the participants:
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