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Inspired by the work of Dutch Masters
The Art of Running
Sports make people connect, sharing the same passion and experiencing the same emotions - nowhere else you can feel this connection more than at the TCS Amsterdam Marathon, where thousands of people enjoy their run, show their Power to Perform and also experience the city full of culture and art! To celebrate the event we designed the new Wave Ultima Amsterdam, inspired by the artworks of the Dutch Masters.

Each year, at the third Sunday of October, the city of freedom, canals, Anne Frank and the Dutch Masters, changes into a metropole for runners from all of the world. About 14.000 runners start their race in the Olympic stadium, to cover over 42km and run a marathon. The course leads through Zuidas, the modern part of Amsterdam, along the Amstel River, in the Vondelpark and directly through Rijksmuseum.
This course inspired us to create a special version of the Wave Ultima 10, a shoe perfectly suited for running marathons as the new Wave plate and U4icX heel wedge are giving you a maximum of comfort and Power to Perform.

The design of the shoe reminds of the rich history in arts and shows a special drawing technique developed by the world famous Dutch masters. Celebrating the connection of running and the city, as well as Mizuno and the TCS Amsterdam Marathon, we always kept in mind to show the Art of Running!

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