Mizuno Synchro Technology

Mizuno Synchro Technology

The new 2-piece, dual density mid-sole construction is a cushion based technology for a soft floating ride experience.


Mizuno's new Mid-sole concept

When your shoes synchronize with your body, you run easier.

The Mizuno Synchro construction consists of the optimized combination of two different midsole compounds to guarantee cushioning, guidance and smoothness during the ride.

The upper midsole uses a denser material to ensure maximum stability while the lower midsole uses U4icX foam to provide incredible cushioning. Each midsole is shaped strategically in 3D construction and provides the most optimized, harmonious run. The Mizuno Synchro technology is the perfect blend of plush cushioning and responsiveness to keep you comfortable throughout your run.


  • Stability
  • Both sides of the upper midsole are strongly hardened and reinforced to offer increased stability for the foot. 


Mizuno Synchro Technology - Stability

 Mizuno Synchro Technology - Cushioning


When running, the pressure from the ground is strongest in the center of the foot. Besides, the back of the lateral side of the heel is also under high shearing stress. Therefore, U4icX is widely used in these areas where you need the most cushioning during your run.

  • Ride
  • The surface of the lower midsole is naturally smoothed from heel to toe, to provide optimized guidance.

Pebax Powered

Pebax Powered


Mizuno Synchro MX

Discover the Mizuno Synchro MX which combines clean minimalist design with an easy, well cushioned ride! 

Our new running training shoe built on the Mizuno Synchro technology is equally at home on the streets or in the gym. Whether it's indoors or outside, the Mizuno Synchro MX is dedicated to those runners who know that it is important to train and to take care of your body but who want to do so in comfort and style.