Mizuno Wave Technology


Like you, we're always looking to better our best. We’re continuously developing new technologies and products that work in harmony with your body. We rise to your challenge.



We focus on the athletes who want to push themselves further, the runners who want to race faster and the players who never give up. We are driven by a passion for sport and dedicated to bringing the highest level of equipment to everyone who shares our enthusiasm. Our devotion to improving our technology drives us to craft dreams into a reality. We will keep pushing the boundaries of engineering because we want to help you push the boundaries of sport. Like the athletes we proudly support, we are always looking to improve on our best.


Footwear Technologies

Mizuno Wave Technology Running
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Mizuno Wave Technology

Inspired by nature, Wave is a unique midsole technology that provides both cushioning and stability. Wave's unique shape dissipates impact forces away from the foot for a smoother, more cushioned feel on every step.

Mizuno Synchro Technology
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Mizuno Synchro

The Mizuno Synchro concept is the optimized combination of two different midsole compounds to guarantee cushioning, guidance and smoothness during the ride. While the upper midsole uses a denser material to ensure maximum stability, the lower midsole uses U4icX foam to provide incredible cushioning.

3D-Solid Footwear Technology


A unique upper providing the highest level of softness and durability, while maintaining breathability.

ap+ Footwear Technology


AP+, materijal u potplatu, koji omogućava veću stabilnost i odraz tenisice

AIRmesh Footwear Technology


Trojni sloj vanjskog gornjeg dijela tenisice pojačan umjetnom kožom daje prozračnost.

D-Flex Groove Footwear Technology

D-Flex Groove

A specifically engineered diagonal groove in the midfoot area allows the player to turn at maximum speed and power by efficiently transferring natural body movement and shift in direction.

Dynamotion Groove Footwear Technology

Dynamotion Groove

Inovacija unutrašnjeg potplata, oblikovana za bolju stabilnost i pokretljivost u dvoranskim sportovima. Unutrašnji potplat je bio razvijen s namjenom pružanja maksimalne fleksibilnosti

DynamotionFit Footwear Technology


Sistem, koji omogućava da gornji dio tenisice prati gibanje stopala i s tim sprečava nestabilnost noge u tenisici.

EL8 Footwear Technology


Zamjena za EVA pjenu: 10% lakši materijal sa jednakom funkcionalnosti.

G3 Footwear Technology


G3, an advanced performance outsole component that enhances traction where needed most and reduces weight.

Mizuno Intercool Footwear Technology

Mizuno Intercool

Nova tehnologija: Posebni zračni kanali u potplatu, koji pospješuju prozračnost, snižavaju temperaturu u tenisici i smanjuju mogućnost nastanka žuljeva.

PoWnCe Footwear Technology


10% lakši od AP+ (materijal u srednjem potplatu), jako stabilan i pruža odlično ublažavanje udaraca.

Premium Insock Footwear Technology

Premium Insock

A high-grade removable insock for comfort and cushioning.

Primeskin Footwear Technology


Upper delivers a high level of softness and durability with a structured fit.

Removable Insock Footwear Technology

Removable Insock

Anatomically moulded insock for comfort and cushioning.

R-Fibre Control Footwear Technology

R-Fibre Control

R-Fibre is used within the upper to reduce excess stretching and to securely hold the foot during acceleration and turn.

SmoothRide Footwear Technology


Tehnologija, koja omogućava optimalnu udobnost i užitak kod trčanja.

SR Touch Footwear Technology

SR Touch

Novi napredniji i lakši materijal (laganija pjena od VS-1), koja nudi poboljšano ublažavanje.

U4ic Footwear Technology


Nova tehnologija srednjeg potplata, koja je za 30% lakša od prethodne AP+ pjene ali sa jednakom funkcionalnosti (udobnost, stabilnost). Garantira izvrstan osjećaj prilikom trčanja, koji temelji na izuzetnoj udobnosti i mekoći laganih tenisica za trčanje.

U4icX Footwear Technology


Nova tehnologija srednjeg potplata, nasljednik U4iC-a koji je 22% teži od prethodnika. Garantira veću udobnost, bolji »katapult efekt« u novi korak, duži vijek trajanja.

VS-1 Footwear Technology


Unikatni ublaživač udaraca postavljen na prednjem ili zadnjem dijelu tenisice gdje dolazi do najvećeg opterećenja. 70% navedenoga elastomera je napravljeno iz posebnog apsorpcijskog materijala, preostali dio je kombinacija EVE i isoprenske gume. Navedena kombinacija materijala nudi optimalno ublaživanje udaraca, rezultati testova dokazuju 20% bolju amortizaciju od EVA materijala.

Waterresistant Mesh Footwear Technology

Water Resistant Mesh

Presvučena vodoodbojna mrežica

Wet Traction

Wet Traction

Bi-Directional outsole rubber combined with synthetic leather compound. Breaks through water, improving grip in all conditions.

X10 Footwear Technology


Posebna guma, 80% bolje postojana od postojeće. Stavljena je na tom dijelu potplata, koji se najviše troši te učinkovito štiti potplat i produljuje vijek trajanja tenisice.

XG Rubber Footwear Technology

XG Rubber

Unutrašnji potplat daje odličan odaziv

XtaRide Footwear Technology


XtaRide, Mizuno's technical trail concept featuring X lugs and Xta groove, leading to trail shoes that adapt to their surroundings and work in perfect harmony with the body.

Zeroglide Footwear Technology


Insock material with grip that stops the foot from gliding inside shoe


Apparel & Accessories Technologies

Breath Thermo Video
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Breath Thermo

Spezielle, von Mizuno entwickelte Faser, die aktiv Wärme erzeugt und damit hilft, die Körperkerntemperatur stabil zu halten.

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Mizuno's BIOGEAR is based on in-depth scientific research into the human exercise physiology and biomechanics. It helps to maintain body balance, improve performance and reduce the fatigue of muscles and joints during sport by controlling stretch, pressure and shape.

BlackLite Apparel Technology


BlackLite is a specifically engineered tone-on-tone reflective material that provides reflection for all occasions.

BlindStitch Apparel Technology


BlindStitch construction provides flat seams for anti-abrasion and enhanced comfort.

DynamotionFit for Apparel


Mizuno Dynamotion technology is based on anatomical research to create patterns that give improved garment fit and full freedom of movement.

Mizuno Bodymapping Apparel Technology

Mizuno Bodymapping

Mizuno Bodymapping technology provides enhanced air circulation inside the garment, keeping the body cool and dry.

Mizuno CoolTouch Apparel Technology

Mizuno CoolTouch

CoolTouch technology provides a soft feeling and leads to extremely quick drying.

Mizuno DryLite Apparel Technology

Mizuno DryLite

Mizuno DryLite technology draws excess moisture away from the body, creating a comfortable and dry microclimate for best perfomance.

Mizuno FreshPlus Apparel Technology

Mizuno FreshPlus

Mizuno FreshPlus technology adds an anti-bacterial and deodorising function to your garment, creating a fresher and odour reducing product.

Mizuno Impermalite Apparel Technology

Mizuno Impermalite

Mizuno ImpermaLite technology provides a performance blend of water and wind protection combined with superior breathability.

Mizuno Intercool Apparel Technology

Mizuno Intercool

Mizuno Intercool® technology provides a body cooling effect through superior moisture management and evaporation using a lightweight microyarn knit, engineered to enhance airflow.

Mizuno WarmaLite Apparel Technology

Mizuno Warmalite

Mizuno Warmalite technology recycles body heat, creating an insulating warm layer between body and garment.

Mizuno Nightlite Apparel Technology


NightLite, with its reflective material, provides superior retro reflection for low light running.