Testing Wave Mirage

Testing the new Wave Mirage


Pursuing Perfection

At Mizuno, we live by a simple message: "Never Stop Pushing" which means that we are always looking to improve on our best. We are continuously developing new technologies and products because we are dedicated to bringing the highest level of equipment to players who - just like us - want to push themselves further and who never give up.

By listening to the athletes we proudly support, we have recognised a need for a new light and agile handball shoe some time ago. Gudjon Valur Sigurdsson, playing for the Icelandic national team and the FC Barcelona, confirmed that the right shoes can make a huge difference on the handball court: “They have to be stable but flexible, light but secure and they have to endure extreme situations.” This insight initiated the development of our new lightweight model, the Wave Mirage. With only 270g, the latest addition to our footwear range has quickly won over many wing and side back players who are looking for instant acceleration and quick agility.

Testing Wave Mirage

Since its launch in May 2015, the Wave Mirage has found many admirers, Gudjon Valur Sigurdsson being only one of them: “I am using the Wave Mirage and I really like that shoe. Just like with everything I have ever received from Mizuno, the quality of the Wave Mirage is excellent. For me, this shoe does it all.” Nevertheless, for us, having a great product isn’t just about incredible quality. It’s also about excellent performance and technical innovation. We strive to redefine convention through our research and product development. Therefore, despite its success, we continue to improve the Wave Mirage season by season, by learning from you – the wearer. As our aim is for our research, our technology and our equipment to help those who love sport as much as we do, we included some of our top athletes, the FC Barcelona stars Gudjon Valur Sigurdsson, Aitor Ariño and Eduardo Gurbindo Martínez, in the development process of the Wave Mirage.

Testing Wave Mirage

 Testing Wave Mirage
In order to create a product that works in harmony with the athlete’s body, we’ve used state of the art technologies and methods, such as high speed cameras and body sensors, to measure the athlete’s movements as well as the forces acting both on the body and the footwear. According to the results, we’ve amended, revised and perfected our boots until we were convinced to have achieved our best.  

Check out our new Wave Mirage and convince yourself!

Wave Mirage