• Wave Exceed Tour AC Tennis Shoes Women

    Wave Exceed Tour

    Play harder, Respond quicker, Win faster The new Wave Exceed Tour combines ultimate comfort with a highly responsive underfoot feel so that you can focus on your game.

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  • Wave Inspire 12 Women Support Running Shoes

    Wave Inspire 12

    Feel stronger, land smoother, go further. The latest evolution of the Wave Inspire encourages you to run further.

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  • Never Stop Pushing Mizuno Running

    We are...

    ...always looking to better our best. Are you?

    Never Stop Pushing
  • Wave Mirage Handball Shoes Men

    Wave Mirage

    Feel lighter, accelerate faster, turn quicker. The Wave Mirage takes explosive acceleration, and extreme cut movements to a new level.

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  • Wave RIder 19 Men Neutral Running Shoes

    Wave Rider 19

    Run smoother, feel faster, go further Building on the legacy of the Wave Rider line, this is our best model yet.

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  • Wave Tornado X Volleyball Shoes Men

    Wave Tornado X

    Move faster, jump higher, land smoother. The latest evolution of the Wave Tornado combines explosive performance with advanced power transfer for a higher jump and a smoother landing.

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Never Stop Pushing

Like you, we’re committed to driving ourselves further.
Like you, we aim for continuous improvement.
Like you, we never stop pushing.

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