Never Stop Pushing Mizuno Handball 2

Jesper Nøddesbo

"Es gibt nur einen Weg deine Ziele zu erreichen: never stop pushing."


Raising the bar

When I was a kid I told my father that I wanted to play in the Danish National Team and for the FC Barcelona. I was very young so he just told me, “You will have to train a lot”. This was the best advice he could have given me and I’ve always stuck to it.

I am very lucky to have accomplished these two goals and it feels like I am living my dream. It might be a cliché but it has taken a lot of hard work and also a little bit of talent to get me where I am now. Believe me, there have been many highs and lows on the way. The time after my second season at FC Barcelona is the perfect example. Back then, I received a call from the club to tell me that I was no longer needed and that I could find somewhere else to play. But I refused to accept this and decided to work my ass off instead. And now I’ve just finished my 9th year with the club! This might have been the hardest time of my career, but, looking back, it’s also the moment that I’m most proud of. At that point I wasn’t a regular player but all my hard work payed off and I ended up playing in the Final 4 final that year.

My next big competition is the European Cup in Poland. We have a really great team and I’m excited about being there. We know that we have to be very focused for every game, we don’t want to take anything for granted. If we want to take the cup back to Denmark we’ll have to fight very hard for it. Besides, we also need to keep ourselves motivated. For me, my ambition to be the best serves as an endless source of encouragement and energy.

In conclusion, I can say that there’s only one way to achieving your goals: make sure you never stop pushing. Always be willing to train hard, it worked for me. There’s one more piece of advice I can give you: Sometimes, it can be easier to think of yourself as an underdog. This reduces the pressure and then you can just go out and give your very best.

By Jesper Nøddesbo


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