The Passion for More

At Mizuno, we want to challenge you to go further, jump higher, be faster, react quicker. We want to inspire you. We want to help you perform even better through superior products and superior equipment. Strive for success and go for greatness. You’re here to do something you couldn’t do last week. Next week you’ll do something you couldn’t do this week. Whatever your fitness goal, whatever your sporting challenge, we can help you do more and go beyond. How do I become better? The answer for both you and for us is simple, never stop pushing.




110 Years of Excelence

We are proud of our heritage, our traditions and our way of thinking. Our business philosophy is based on Kaizen: translated from the Japanese, it‘s to do with continuous improvement. We believe that aiming for better will never come about through one massive change. It requires one hundred – even one thousand – small changes. Over time, these little changes add up to something significant. There is always room to do something better, however imperceptible. And the possibilities are infinite.

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